Almetta Frosting on a Brownie Cupcake

Almetta Frosting on a Brownie Cupcake from Almetta Foods on Vimeo.

For those who have a sweet tooth adding frosting can elevate your cupcakes to a new level. Traditionally, frostings are sweet spreads consisting of mostly fat, sugar and a small amount of water. For a vegan frosting you can use Almetta. It is an easy, delicious and all natural alternative! Also, you can mix and match any of our 4 flavors with your baked goods. The possibilities are endless!

We made vegan cupcakes brownies with a strawberry Almetta frosting. Check out our favorite brownie recipe from minimalist baker! Its our favorite because they only take about 30 minutes from start to finish. Make sure to wait for the cupcakes to cool down before you add the frosting. You can use a spatula or decorating tools to make your favorite designs.

Let us know what you think about using Almetta as a frosting!