How Michael Pollan Inspired Almetta Almond-Milk Mousse

The origins of Almetta can be directly traced to In Defense of Food, a book written by Michael Pollan. While his book provided many messages, the one that inspired our thinking was “Eat Food, Not Too Much and Mostly Plants.”

This led us to examine more closely the benefits of a Plant-Based Diet and think more deeply about Simple Ingredients – Ingredients that anyone could understand and third grade school kid could pronounce. The benefits of a plant-based diet and the common sense of simple ingredients created our vision for a new food product

We added two more requirements. It had to have good nutrition with respect to calories, fat, sugar, protein and salt. And, it had to taste really good. Too many plant-based products simply do no taste good.


With this vision we created a Almond-Milk Mousse dessert made from almonds, cashews, rice, cocoa butter, cane juice and water from the McKenzie River in Eugene, Oregon. We branded it Almetta and created four flavors (Lemon, Dark Chocolate, French Vanilla & Strawberry), each with a flavor enhanced with only natural ingredients. And yes, Almetta tastes Amazingly Delicious.

To understand more of how Michael Pollan inspired Almetta please take a look at this video: