My Vegan Story by Laura Parkes

I’m Laura, and I’ve been vegan for over three years now. Even when I ate meat and dairy, I considered myself to be health conscious (even with a love of baking), but a short series of events in the later half of 2012 (trips back east to care for my grandmother and the holidays) led to me overindulging and eating more junk food than I should have.

I started 2013 feeling sluggish and unhappy with my diet, and dropped meat altogether to rejoin the ranks of vegetarianism. Though I didn’t know about veganism at the time, I started heading in that direction by eliminating eggs, and most dairy from my diet. Cheese was my last holdout. Fast forward a few months and a close friend at the time, newly vegan herself, helped open my eyes to the practices going on in the dairy industry. It wasn’t long after that I dumped cheese entirely and I’ve been vegan ever since!

Now I enjoy the challenges of making and baking my favorite foods in my fully vegan household and plan on thriving as a vegan for the rest of my life.laura post image

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