Our Vegan Story by Arianne Ahimsa

Raymond and I were big meat eaters growing up and it caused both of us to grow up as ‘fat kids’. Everyone in our family are either overweight or obese and most of our family members are diabetic and have heart problems. We both struggled with our weights for more than 20 years and in order to maintain a normal BMI, we would need to work out constantly and starve ourselves by counting calories. We knew this wasn’t sustainable as we were both constantly miserable and would occasionally binge eat.

When my dad had to get multiple stint procedures for his clogged arteries (including one in the brain), we both knew that we really had to get healthy as we didn’t want to end up like him. I came across some videos whilst streaming on YouTube and found many videos on veganism. We both kept educating ourselves about the meat and dairy industry and decided to go vegan together.

01-Adrienne and Raymond

“As animal lovers and pet parents, we came to the realization that we couldn’t love animals and be eating them at the same time.”

Our strong connection to our two dogs and our fish wouldn’t ethically allow us to eat meat any longer. Through our education on veganism and how it relates to the human body’s functions, we learned that humans were not created or meant to function by eating meat.

We have seen and felt such a big difference in our lives after only being vegan for two months. We noticed that we don’t binge eat any longer or feel sluggish when we do eat either out at a restaurant or cooking at home. Veganism has really opened us up to discovering so many varieties of food and recipes to cook at home.

“One tip that we would give to people considering veganism or just starting veganism is to keep in mind why you chose to be vegan.”

For us it was animal rights and then the health benefits followed. Whatever your reason may be don’t forget it. It can be difficult at first, especially in social aspects, when you have to hold yourself accountable for not eating any animal food products when most likely everyone else around you is.

The good thing about being vegan today is that it isn’t as rare as it once was. Researching can lead you to find so many vegan friendly restaurants and products. Most places offer vegan options on their menu if you just ask for them. We have found so many vegan foods that are so much more delicious than meat based foods that we have had in the past. We both believe that the decision to become vegans was the best decision we could have ever made.


We all have experiences in life that shape who we are and the decisions we make. Do you have a story you would like to share with us? Please do! We would love to hear about you and why you’ve chosen veganism as your way of life.
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